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Second Life refurbished phones are put to the test – over and over and over

The refurbished phones in the Second Life Shop are relentlessly tested with 30+ point checks including microphone, camera and battery health. 

A water drop, cat, smiling Earth, shiny coin and tardigrade in sunglasses float out of a luminous phone screen.

Carbon neutral mobile

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How to write and add alt text to your images for inclusivity

The wonderful world of the internet is full of tools to help everyone belong. Alt text is one of them.

Adding alt text to your images is an easy way to help promote inclusivity and make your content more accessible to people using a screen reader.

Also known as an ‘alt tag’ or an ‘alt description’, alt text is the written copy embedded into an image that describes what the image shows.

A colourful screen-reader character smiles with big love heart-shaped eyes.

Belong is Australia's first carbon neutral telco

We’re Australia’s first certified carbon neutral telco under the Climate Active program. Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian business.

Being carbon neutral means that carbon emissions associated with operating our mobile and broadband services is offset by certified projects that we’re investing in.

Saving the place where we belong

What the — is wi-fi?

Do you ever just wonder, what the heck is wi-fiwi-fiwi-fi?

Wi-fi is pulsating light that creates radio waves to transmit massive amounts of data through the air.

Fun fact: your wi-fi and internet are two different things. wi-fi is used to access the internet. It sends data to all your devices so you can stay connected to the web. Whereas the internet is a global network of computers.

Belong DWA0122 modem FTTC

Find simple ways to go green with The New Joneses

It’s never been more important to do our part to go green. Our climate is changing – temperatures are rising, extreme weather events are becoming more common, glaciers are melting. That’s why we became Australia’s first carbon neutral telco.

But here’s some more good news: we can all be part of the solution, and The New Joneses are going to show us how.

Four retro televisions float on a black background. One shows a beach, another shows the words, ‘We wanna go zero waste’, another shows puppet Randy Feltface. The final TV displays The New Joneses logo with the words, ‘Road Trip Season 2’.

Overusing emoji can be a real 💩 time

Imagine if, every time you saw an emoji, you had to describe what it looked like. Quite the mouthful, right? That’s life for screen readers.

Emoji are everywhere and with good reason: they add a lot to how we talk online. They’re equal parts gesture, expression and joke.

Whether or not you use 😂 or 💀 when you're laughing says something about you[SK1] [ZC2] (and 😬 says a whole lot when words won’t do).

3d screen reader

Four communities to know from the Month of Belonging

No matter who you are, what you love, or what you’re into, there’s a place for you on the internet that makes it feel good to belong.

That’s what we highlighted throughout March with the Month of Belonging. We dove into the wonderful ways us humans come together and spoke to some inspiring people and organisations along the way.

Lots of colourful and luminous objects, including a butterfly in the trans flag colours, a mug of coffee, a cute plant and a cheeky mouse, all float on a black background.

What to do with old tech lying around the house

One overused laptop, two replaced phones, a keyboard that’s missing the ‘A’ button, and a wireless mouse that’s clinging on for dear life (with a replacement nearby).

Technology evolves much faster than we can keep up with, which often results in a backlog of unused devices lying around the house.

What to do with old tech lying around the house

Using all caps for accessibility

We all know someone who loves to use all caps a bit too much in their messages. It makes things sound a bit shouty.

But there’s at least one good time to go all caps: when you’re having a laugh (and you want to let screen readers in on it).

When a word is all lowercase, a screen reader will just read it as a regular word. That turns ‘lmao’ into ‘la-mayo’ and ‘roflmao’ into ‘rofle mayo’.

A screen reader character with a confused expression.

Making social media more accessible

Social media has become a popular way for communities, including those with disabilities to connect. However, even though social media seems to be everywhere, it’s not always accessible for everyone.

Some people might be reading this blog post right now, while others might be having it read to them by a screen-reader, using dark mode or other accessibility tools. Well, there are some simple things you can do when you’re posting on social media to make sure your content is as accessible as possible to everyone.

Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash. Image description: Black and white photo taken through a pair of glasses held up to the camera, of a man standing against a wall in the distance. The image is out of focus.

Living like The New Joneses

It’s not exactly hot off the press, but our planet really needs a hand to stop things from getting pretty dire.

It can be hard to imagine that just one person can make a difference, but every bit of action really does count.

What better way to get empowered to make a change than to have a handful of easy tips to get started?!

Living with the new Joneses

Scam calls: how to sniff out a fake

It’s an all too common scenario.

The phone rings. You answer. You’re told that you’ve been overcharged for your phone bill. You’re going to be refunded $200! All the caller needs are your bank account details, and that money will be sent your way.

Hopefully, you realise that this call seems a little fishy and hang up, but it’s easy to feel unsure about what’s going on.

Scam calls: how to sniff out a fake

Reflecting on two years as Australia’s first carbon neutral telco

It’s been a long two years since Belong went carbon neutral. 

Climate Active certified our carbon neutral status in December 2019 and, well, a lot has changed – even if we’re just talking about climate action. A lot more companies are getting involved and doing the work they need to do to reduce their impact on the planet (including other telcos like Telstra).​

A cute and luminous waterbear with lots of legs, wearing sunglasses.

It feels good to BE Proud at Pride

Now in its third year, BE Proud is one of four employee groups at Belong. Each group provides a platform and a voice to our communities and helps to include, engage and educate our wider Belong team.

It’s reassuring to know that Belong goes beyond encouraging people to bring their full self to work, but in fact celebrates it and supports each team member.

How to use your mobile for good

On average, we spend around 3 hours each day gazing into our pocket-sized super-screens. That’s around 21 hours a week, which equates to a part-time job. Congrats, you’ve just been hired.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of those hours and make your mobile a force for good!

Volunteers handing out water

Bringing The Book of Limbo to life

Get lost in the milky way. Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice. End up learning about... whale poop?

Sounds like a typical afternoon traversing a marvellous online wormhole. But how would you capture that wormhole, and take it offline?

Many opened copies of The Book of Limbo showing the weird and wonderful illustrations inside like - a tentacle holding silver teeth, and a strange twisted spoon.