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A water drop, cat, smiling Earth, shiny coin and tardigrade in sunglasses float out of a luminous phone screen.

Second Life refurbished phones are put to the test – over and over and over

Button clickiness? Check. Takes a good selfie? Check. Won’t die on you before you’ve finished your first coffee? Check. 

That sweet phone unboxing should be an exhilarating experience, and the last thing you want to think about is ‘will this thing actually work?’. 

That’s why we teamed up with the pros at Kingfisher to make sure the lovingly refurbished phones in the Second Life Shop are relentlessly tested (they check over 30 points) and ready to serve you. 

Refurbished vs second-hand 

Buying a second-hand phone off Facebook marketplace is all well and good until you get home and realise you can’t type the ‘I’ key (whch s nfuratng) and the cracked lens makes every picture look like a failed art project. 

Expertly refurbished phones? Now that’s a whole other story. You don’t need to worry about your vowels when you nab a beautifully restored phone from the Second Life Shop, powered by Kingfisher.  

All Second Life phones get the VIP treatment, with professional refurbishment from refurbishment professionals (try saying that three times fast). This means the phones are fully functional with a minimum of 80% battery health. 

Kingfisher gives every classic phone a very thorough examination using a 30+ point test. We’re not talkin’ about pop-quizzing on the solar system and the periodic table (that’s what the internet’s for). 30+ point testing refers to alllll the things that Kingfisher check before they deem the device good to go. This includes a bunch of cosmetic grade checks (think: scratches and scuffs) and lots of functional testing. 

30 is a lot of things to type out, so we’ll just list a few of the elements Kingfisher put under the microscope: 

  • Bluetooth 

  • Wi-fi 

  • Speaker 

  • Receiver 

  • Battery health 

  • Volume keys 

  • Microphone 

  • Camera 

  • Camera flash 

  • Front camera 

  • Touch 

The tests vary a little between Apple and Samsung devices, but the outcome is the same: tried and tested phones ready to connect you to the wonders of the internet (and voicemails from your mum). All this testing is done just around the corner in Sydney, New South Wales.  

In other feel-good news, Kingfisher has your back with a 12-month warranty just in case something major goes wrong (check out the warranty policy ). This warranty is provided in addition to other rights provided under the Australia Consumer Law.

A phone with a bright, colourful screen that reads, ‘Tested for that new-to-you phone feeling.’ Around the phone, lots of call outs for parts of the Second Life phone which are tested, such as: ‘Camera flash is flashy, home key works, Bluetooth connects, camera snaps, wi-fi connects, front camera is selfie-ready, battery charges’ and more.

Just as nice with a better price 

Who doesn’t love a good deal? A properly refurbished phone offers you all the bells and whistles you need with a less hefty price tag (and a warranty means you don’t flush your cash down the toilet if something goes wrong). 

Even with all the relentless feature testing and quality checking, Second Life phones are still a whole lot cheaper than buying a brand-new device. 

Plus, if you’re a real stickler for value, get a load of this: every phone from the Second Life Shop comes with a free Belong SIM card with $80 credit. Score. 

The planet says thank you 

Considering that around 80% of a phone's carbon emissions occur during production, buying a not-brand-new phone is basically giving the Earth a gnarly fist bump. 

Okay, maybe not quite, but it is an easy way to help combat the e-waste crisis. Every year, people throw away around 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste (Read PDF | 11 MB) . That includes a lot of devices meeting their end in landfill well before their time. 

The best phone for the planet is one that already exists, so you can swipe and scroll on a refurbished phone knowing you’ve done a good deed.

Get that new-to-you phone feeling minus the spicy cost (and the extra carbon) with a thoroughly tested refurbished phone. Check out the Second Life Shop today.