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Getting ready to move into a new place? Already made the big move?

If you’re looking to take your Belong internet service with you, let us know you’re moving as soon as you can. We’ll help you get connected and ready to go, as close to your move-in date as possible.

Managing your move

Here’s what you’ll need to do If you’re moving your Belong internet service to a new place:

  1. Log in to your account, find the section for your internet service and select 'Manage internet'.

  2. Click 'Move service', then fill in your new address, enter your moving date, and choose an nbn plan available at your new place.

  3. Once you’ve submitted your move instructions, we’ll send you a confirmation email – it’s worth double-checking the details to make sure they’re correct.

What you need to know:

  • If the place you’re moving to needs extra work to connect you to the nbn network, there may be a delay in your connection and possibly additional charges.

  • If your new place hasn’t previously been connected to the nbn, you’ll need to pay NBN Co’s new development charge to get the nbn connected.

  • Technically, you’ll be starting a new Belong internet plan at your new premises; as part of the process we'll waive any termination fees associated with your existing plan.

  • If you're already paying a month-to-month new development charge at your old premises, the remaining amount will be charged on your next bill as one lump sum.

  • Don’t remove any nbn equipment from your old place – it’s the property of NBN Co. (And it won’t work in your new place anyway.)

  • Don’t forget to take your modem with you.