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Important concepts and terms & referral arrangements

Belong Services

The concepts and terms summarised in this section apply to all Belong products and services.

Our right to migrate your service

We may migrate you to an alternative service or pricing plan by giving you reasonable notice. If you're not satisfied with the alternative service or pricing plan, you can cancel your service (early termination charges will not apply).

Early termination charges for fixed term contracts

If your service is provided on a fixed term basis (e.g. 12-month or 24-month) and it is cancelled before the end of its fixed term for any reason other than our material breach, we may charge you an early termination charge. The applicable early termination charge (if any) is set out in the relevant Critical Information Summary or section of the applicable terms for your service. We will not charge you an early termination charge if we terminate your service without cause.

Disclosure of information to NBN Co

If we provide you with an nbn service or any services related to an nbn service or to the nbn network, we may disclose information about you to NBN Co.

Our liability to you

We will use reasonable care and skill in providing our services but, in particular due to the nature of telecommunications systems (including our services’ reliance on systems and services that we do not own or control), we cannot promise that our services will be continuous or fault-free.

We are not liable to you for any loss that results from your failure to take reasonable steps to avoid or minimise the loss, that is caused by events outside of our reasonable control (such as a failure in equipment that is not owned or operated by us, an industrial strike, floods, storms, fire, etc.), or that was otherwise caused by you. We also exclude liability that results from your use of a service in connection with the conduct of a business, and if our liability cannot be excluded but can be lawfully limited then we limit our liability to resupplying, repairing or replacing the relevant goods or services (or payment of the cost of resupply, repair or replacement) where it is fair and reasonable to do so.

NBN Co’s liability to you

If we provide you with an nbn service, to the maximum extent permitted by law and subject to your rights under consumer protection laws which may apply and which cannot be excluded, NBN Co is not liable for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the nbn services.

Promotional and referral incentives

From time to time, we may promote third-party products and services that you can acquire or sign up to directly from those third parties. If you decide to acquire or sign up to those products or services, we may receive a commission or a referral fee.

Those third-party products and services are listed below:

Type of product or service

Product or service

Second-hand devices

Second-hand refurbished devices available for purchase from Kingfisher.